You are very smart.  You speak at least two languages fluently.  You are very motivated to make improvements.  You work hard and are disciplined as well.  This is the profile of most of my clients.  That is why I prefer to train individuals on accent improvement via a coaching model.

To learn any complex skill you go to an instructor for coaching.  For instance, to learn the piano, you go to a teacher and learn a few things.  Then you go home and practice.  If you practice, at the next piano lesson, you learn new skills.  If you don’t practice, the teacher will review everything from the first session and tell you to go home and practice.

Accent instruction is very similar.  I teach you what you need to do.  Then you practice.  If you don’t practice, then we would keep going over and over the same things. 

Since you are busy, I don’t want to waste your precious time.  Providing coaching allows you to maximize your gains in the least amount of time.