It’s hot out there so scoop up these cool toys for some fun.

These sets are great to teach sharing and politeness.  There is a lot of vocabulary to learn:  flavors, scoops, strawberry, cone, and cup.  You can talk about your child’s play focusing on school readiness concepts like location words, number terms, and sizes.  And, if you want to speed up the ordering at the ice cream parlor, then pretend to have an ice cream parlor in your living room.

Here are the ice cream sets that I enjoy using in therapy.  The kids love them, too!

Small World Living Toys delivers the fun, again.  This plastic set includes 5 scoops of ice cream, 2 cones, 2 cups, and an ice cream scoop.

Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones is sturdy and includes 8 brightly colored scoops, 2 cones, and easily wipes clean.

Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set includes four magnetic ice cream scoops, two cones and two magnetic scoopers.  It all stores neatly in the plastic ice cream container.