Hooray!  Here comes the tow truck!

What?  Cheering for a tow truck?  Yes!  I know.  Sounds crazy, right?  I live in Chicago, and typically, tow trucks are not much fun.  It usually means that you missed a No Parking sign.  Not this time!

Little boys love this puzzle game.  They can’t get enough of the car crashes and want to help!  This is great for me…more time to work on language!

For little ones who have limited words, I love to use this to work on making sounds.  We crash cars, honk horns, rev our engines, and say beep beep when the tow truck shows up.  The ambulance has even arrived on several occasions.  A siren sound alerts the drives that help is on the way.

This is a great game for learning colors and numbers.  It provides opportunities to use two word combinations like “pick up, car crash, two truck, and red car”.

It takes a while for some little guys to master the puzzle and tow truck.  This is great for working on “help me” which is much better than yelling for assistance.

Melissa and Doug do it again with another creative and fun way to learn language.  Get one today!