This error is a big problem.  Foreign speakers omit (say bee for beat) or do not keep the voice on (say back for bag) when a consonant sound ends a word.  These errors create entirely new and different words. To correct this you must first learn to say ending sounds.  Focus on saying each word.  This will force you to use the ending sounds.   Talking slowly also helps.Once you master this, work on adding your voice.  Do this by placing your hand on your throat.  Say “ahh”.  Your voice box moves when you do this.  This is voicing. 

Many sounds in English have a voiceless and voiced counterpart.  For example, the P and B sounds are made the in same way except for the voicing.  T/D, K/G, CH/J, and S/Z are also made in the same way except for the voicing.

You can’t tell the difference? Then try this exercise to “feel” the difference between the P and B.  Put your hand on your throat and try this:

Say “PPP”.  There is no movement in your voice box.  This is a voiceless sound.

Try “BBB”.  You voice box is moving.  This is a voiceless sound.

Good luck…people will notice the difference!