The “L” sound is common mistake that I hear from ESL speakers.  Correcting this sound will make you sound clearer.

Many speakers confuse this sound with the R and W.  They also leave the sound off of the end of words or omit it when it comes near a vowel.  This leads to listener confusion.  Correcting this error will make you sound clearer.

The mistake that most foreign speakers make with the L sound is that they pronounce it in a very strong manner.  American’s sound more “casual” when they say the L sound.  Clients have told me that the American production sounds “faster”.

Many clients also pronounce the “L” sound more like an “O” sound.  This happens most times at the end of a word.

To correct this error, do these things:

  1. Touch and go…say the L sound then quickly move to the next sound
  2. Touch lightly…say the L sound by lightly touching the teeth
  3. Watch the placement of the tongue.  Native English speakers make this sound with the tongue touching the back of the top teeth.  Foreign speakers make it behind the teeth.
  4. Say all sounds…go slowly to make sure that you say “L” after a vowel
  5. Say the L at the end of a word…end the word by placing your tongue on your teeth
  6. Learn the difference between the L, W and R sounds

Good luck…people will notice the difference!