This delightful book is a fun way to practice speech sounds and language skills.  This repetitive line  story book tells the tale of  Sally is who is joined by various animals as she travels to town-backwards and upside down.   Since the lines repeat, even non-readers can retell this story by just looking at the pictures.  Check out these fun ideas for speech practice and language learning.

Practice S and L sounds by saying: “Silly Sally went to town walking backwards upside down.”

Work on rhyming by figuring out the action that the animal with do:  “Dance a jig with a silly pig.”

Expand vocabulary by picking new animals and figuring out a rhyming action for the animal.

Memorize the lines so that you can retell the story later without the book.

Learn to predict by trying to figure out which animal Sally will meet next.  Hint:  the pictures will give you clues.