The single best indicator of school success is communication.

If children enter kindergarten with age appropriate communication skills, they usually do fine. How do you help your child achieve communication competence?

It is pretty simple. Mainly, if you talk to your child, show interest, and play with them, they will learn communication skills.
But you do all of this, what now?

First, examine your interactions.
Are you telling too much?
Asking too much?

Second, take a look at your priorities.
Are you making time to practice?
Is play time important?

Third, do you have a plan?
What do you want your child to do?
Ask for water?
Say please?

Finally, what are you rewarding?
Is it the behavior that you want, or something that won’t be cute in a few years, like yelling to get some candy?

If you need help with your behaviors, check out our videos for parents.