Marketing Buttons

All you need to do is upload an image and it will automatically display in the laptop.
It’s so simple and easy to setup and it just works.

[empty_space][marketing_button popover_placement="top" element_align="center" text="This is a marketing button" subtext="This is some awesome description" icon="chevron-right" colour="#29abe2" font_colour="#ffffff" size="500px" popover_title="This is popover" popover_content="Yup, you can add some more information to this irresistible button as a popover."][empty_space][empty_space]


[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Size
Choose your own custom size
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Icon
Over 300+ icons to choose from
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Link
Add your own custom link with target
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Alignment
Easily Align left, right, or center
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Custom Text
Easily add your own custom texts
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Link Target
Options to open link in new tab/window
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Tooltips
Add tooltips or popovers for more info
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Custom Classes
Add custom classes for your own styles
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  Colours
Specify your own custom colours
[icon name=”chevron-right”]  CSS Animations
Multiple CSS animations to choose from