I came across these short, fun, colorful, lift a flap books by accident.  They have quickly become some of my favorites.  The children (ages 2-5) that I work with love them too.  They are charming for children and adults.  As most parents know, children enjoy hearing the same story again and again.  Reading these books for the 100th time is still fun for me.  Let’s hope that continues since they are a crowd pleaser.

I think the kids like them because they get to do something.  The stories are simple and easy to remember.  The kids get a kick out of reading too.  Since the stories are simple, they quickly learn the book and know what to say to finish each page.

As a therapist, I love that the children get a lot of repetitive practice.  They are easy to modify depending on the child’s level.  For instance, I can have a child work on single words to label what is under the flap.  Or, I can work on asking questions, making sentences, describing, or just saying yes, no, or my turn.

For more information, check out Karen’s website.

Happy “lifting” and reading:)