Today’s language learning game recommendation is Noodle Knockout from Learning Resources.  

The game is designed for 2-4 players but kids love it so much that a child can play alone. 

There are multiple ways to play.  

Children can each take a menu card, can build their ramen, then can explain to their friends what is in their bowl.  To add language, I make children add details like the color, shape, and length.  It is a bonus if they use a complete sentence!   

For young children or new English learners, I will model the language that I expect by going first, then having children with stronger and more robust language skills go next.  Then the child who is learning new vocabulary and grammar can hear the words and sentences over and over.  

The group can also spin the wheel then take what they land on.  For a twist, and of course, to add more language, I make the children say “I already have that” or “I don’t have that”.  Then they tell the group “I put the ___ into my red bowl”.  

Last but not least, you can play restaurant and have children take orders.  Roll playing is such a fun way to add language to the game.  You can work on questions “would you like long or short noodles”, polite requests “may I” and “please”, and even small talk.  

I highly recommend that you just leave this game out and learn from the kids too.  When I was finishing up a conversation with a parent, two children started to work on giving and following directions and asking clarifying questions if they didn’t understand or missed something.  

To work on converstaions and opinions, I love to ask “do you like ___”  or have you tried ___”.  This will lead into great conversations about foods the children eat at home and allows for comparing and contrasting how foods are the same and different.  You can even talk about how foods taste, textures, and how to cook them.

This game is a fan favorite for kids from 2 and up.  I even used this with some middle school students who loved it.  The possibilities for this game are seemingly endless.  

This makes a great speech therapy game (box is small for transport), ESL game, family game, and a solo activity for a rainy day.  This game is so great that I always have a few extras on hand to give as gifts.  Get yours today!

Currently, the game costs $14.99 on Amazon.  

The game works on the following skills:

-fine motor strength and precision 

-turn taking 



-following and giving directions 

-imaginative play 

-asking questions


-simple math problems 

-talking about foods

-comparing and contrasting

If you are looking to work on sound targets.  You can address these:

R:  red, ramen, pepper, green, orange, purple, order, turn, short, carrot, spinner

L:  little, long, noodle, look

K/G:  egg, carrot, fish cake

S:  stick

CH:  chop, chili

SH:  fish