Learn how to pronounce the homophones CORED, CORD, and CHORD with this quick English Speaking Pronunciation lesson.

The words are all pronounced C-OR-D and rhyme with bored, board, ford, gored, hoard, Lord, poured, roared, soared, ward.


A cord is thin flexible rope.

A chord are musical notes.

Cored means to remove the central part of the fruit.

Example sentence:

The singer cut the cord while he cored the able and struck a deep chord expressing his sorrow in song.

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Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday. We actually have three words today so it’s a three for Tuesday. But it just doesn’t have the same ring so i’ll stick with two for Tuesday.

So again we have three words all of these words are going to be pronounced exactly the same because they are homophones but they will have different meanings and different spellings.

So our words are cord which means a thin flexible rope that is often used with a charger like for your phone. Chord musical notes and cored to remove the central part of a fruit.

So to say these words correctly three little sounds we’re going to start with that k sound tip of the tongue is down, back of the tongue is pulled up air puffs out then we’re going to move to the or sound – to do that you’re going to pucker your lips then pull them back into a square tense shape for the r part of the vowel. And for the r part the tip of your tongue is either down to the bottom of your mouth or flipped back; always the back of the tongue is pulled up high. Just do not touch your teeth with your tongue that is the mistake that I hear the most from people.

Again just keep that tongue away from the teeth for the or then we’re going to end with the d d. To do this tip of the tongue touches the back of the top front teeth and pulls down air puffs out and your voice box is on vibrating and moving.

Let’s put it all together: chord cord cored chord cord cored chord

And now for a sentence: the singer cut the cord while he cored the apple and struck a deep cord expressing his sorrow in song.

So the singer cut the cord while he cored the apple and struck a deep cord expressing his sorrow in song.

Give it a try people are going to notice the difference. Please give us a share and a like and a subscribe if you enjoyed this and found it helpful. If you have any questions you can check out our products and our classes at Tarle speech dot com. Thanks everyone have a great week!