Introductory Classes


If you have a foreign accent and are frequently misunderstood or you want to “soften” your accent, these courses can help. Improve your business, professional, and social speaking skills. Get the competitive advantage and the increased confidence you need to get ahead. These lecture based courses are a great way to learn the fundamentals of accent reduction.

These introductory seminars are held at The Discovery Center. For location and cost, please refer to their web site:  The Discovery Center Regional & Foreign Accent Modification

Introduction to Foreign Accent Reduction

This session provides an overview accents and why they are so difficult to overcome. The session also includes brief instructions on how to pronounce each standard American sound.

Want to improve your foreign accent even more?

Then sign up for Focus on Vowels or Focus on Consonants. Each course covers the top sound mistakes of foreign speakers. Learn the correct pronunciation of sounds, and then practice your new skills. These sessions include intensive practice so that you leave with clearer pronunciation and increased confidence.

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