Learn how to pronounce the words YOU, EWE, & U with this American English Pronunciation Lesson. These words are homophones and are pronounced exactly the same way.


You is a pronoun referring to the person you are talking to.

Ewe is a female sheep.

U is a letter.


These words are pronounced Y-EW or /ju/.


YOU are the best!

This may be helpful:

HOMOPHONES – words spelled differently but pronounced the same 


Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech.

It is your two for Tuesday. Actually today uh you get a freebie – it’s a three for Tuesday. These are homophones. Words that are pronounced exactly the same but they have different spellings and different meanings. We have

you which is the pronoun referring to a person you are addressing
ewe a female sheep and
U the letter

Here we are two little sounds for today Y and EW

So to start with that Y sound tip of the tongue is low in the mouth and the back of the tongue is way high up. You can actually use your back teeth to sort of anchor your tongue in there.

Y – do not touch your teeth. If you touch your teeth this will sound like J and we’re not looking for the J sound. We’re looking for the y y y

Then you’re going to move to that long EW and you’re going to do that by puckering your lips and making that sound nice and long.

you you you you you you

And now for a sentence:

YOU are the best!

Give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference. And if you want to use those other words in a sentence go for it. I’d love to hear your sentences. If you need more help you can check us out at Tarle speech. Thank you so much everyone have an amazing week!