Learn to pronounce the words wrestle, wrestler, and wrestling with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.


WRESTLE means a grappling sport or to struggle with a decision.


RES-UL /ˈrɛsəl/

RES-LER or RES-UH-LING /ˈrɛslər/ or /ˈrɛsələr/

RES-LING or RES-UH-LING /ˈrɛslɪŋ/ or /ˈrɛsəlɪŋ/


Do not wrestle your brother on the living room floor. This is not a wrestling ring and you are not a wrestler.


Hello everyone it is Jennifer from Tarle Speech.

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lighting, but my video that I am supposed

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My microphone is broken so I’m using my computer
to record this.

So thanks for your understanding.

Our words today are wrestle which is a grappling
sport or it can also mean that you’re struggling

with something and trying to decide.

So our word today has a lot of silent letters.

We have a silent w and we have a silent t
here and of course the e at the end is silent

as well.

So to say this word correctly we are going
to start with the r sound er.

And to do this, if you watch my videos: square
tense lips, tip of your tongue is either pointed

down or flipped back, back of the tongue is
pulled high up.

It really just depends on how you make that
sound but the key is do not touch your teeth

for the r sound; and do not allow your tongue
to move.

R . Next we’re going to move to that short
e sound and to do that you can see the tip

of my tongue is just between my top and bottom
teeth- peeking out there.

It’s not touching anywhere.

My lips and my mouth are relatively relaxed.

Then I’m going to move to that s sound.

ssss Tip of the tongue is either down and
the is down low in the mouth or it is behind

the top teeth again it is not touching the

sssss Let’s put that first part together res
res res.

Then you’re going to move to syllable two
which is ul ul and for that we’re just going

to have that short uh sound and we’re then
going to move to the l by touching the tip

of the tongue to the back of the top front

Specifically where the teeth end and the skin
on the roof of the mouth begins.

Let’s say it all together
res ul

res ul
wrestle wrestle wrestle

Now what happens when we add this er or this

So for this ler part- touch the tip of your
tongue to the back of your top front teeth

and then either pull the tongue down or flip
the tip of the tongue back for that er



wrestler wrestler wrestler

And then for wrestling, start with that l
touch the tip of the tongue to the back of

the top front teeth, add that short ih sound
by relaxing your mouth and the tongue is going

to pop down a little bit behind the top front

It’s not touching then keep that tongue moving
down to the bottom of the mouth.

Tip of the tongue really low for that ng sound
– two letters for the ng – one sound.

Tip of the tongue is down back of the tongue
is pulled up




wrestling wrestling
wrestling wrestling wrestling

So for wrestler you have another option.

You can also add the schwa sound so you can
say two beats rus ler or three beats res uh

ler wrestler wrestler

You can also add a schwa for the last word
and you can say two beats for res ling or

three beats for res uh ling wrestling wrestling

So let’s give those all a try again
wrestle wrestle wrestle

wrestler wrestler wrestler

wrestling wrestling wrestling

Don’t wrestle your brother on the living room

This is not a wrestling ring and you are not
a wrestler.

So give it a try I know people are going to
notice the difference.

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