Learn how to pronounce the words THROW, THREW, THROUGH with this American English pronunciation lesson.



THROW: /θroʊ/



Hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week.

We have three words today:

throw which is to have like a tantrum, a small blanket, to propel by force, to roll the dice, to throw shade – which is a look to direct a facial expression, or to lose on purpose and

through to move from one side to the other, continuing to a final destination, moving through the competition, or from time to time

So so many definitions for these two little words and that means we probably use them a lot so it’s important to learn these words.  So the question was really about this word and this word but I also threw in the past tense here so that you could see the different spellings. These two words here are homophones they are pronounced exactly the same way; and i have another video on those two words as well if you’re interested.

So let’s get started here. Again the difference here is only going to be one sound. So let’s tackle the beginning first. So we’re going to start with that th sound. I teach this sound as sticking your tongue out and not touching your teeth. If you’re a native speaker and you’re watching this yes you do touch the sides of your teeth. The reason I’m teaching it as don’t touch your teeth is because when you are a new learner, the sound is very difficult, and if you touch your teeth, it’s going to sound like a tug or a duh and we don’t want that.  So stick your tongue out, make sure that air can move over your tongue so you’re not touching the top teeth, air is going to move out continuously. If you look my tongue looks like a little cup in the middle and that is how the air moves over the top.

Next we’re going to add that r sound, er,  and you can see my tongue is out for that th then I am pulling the tongue into my mouth.  The back of my tongue is pulling way high up and the tip of the tongue is either flipped back or it is pointing down. It is not touching the teeth. Think about having square tense lips for that sound. I don’t want my lips to be puckered and I don’t want my lips to be too relaxed.  I want them to be tense and think about having them in a square shape.

Now let’s talk about these two vowel sounds. For throw we are going to have the long o. To make the sound open wide and then pucker. Your tongue is going to be pulled way high up in the back and the tip of the tongue is going to be pointing down to start. o  As you pucker the back of the tongue remains high up and the front of the tongue will just flatten out pointing towards the middle of the mouth and the tongue does not touch the teeth.

Let’s put that all together throw throw throw.

Now for the word through this one’s kind of easy you don’t open your mouth for that ew sound, you just pucker ew. through through through

So we have throw throw throw and through through through

All right and now for a sentence: Don’t throw shade if you have to go through the documents again.

Give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference we love a like, a share, and a subscribe and if you are needing more help please go to Tarle speech dot com.  We have lots of products and classes thanks so much everyone have a great week!