Learn how to pronounce the words salary and celery with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.


Salary is the money you make for your job.

Celery is the vegetable.


Salary: sal-uh-ree or /sæləri/

Celery: sel-uh-ree or /sɛləri/


Celery is cheap and doesn’t deplete your salary.


Hello everyone jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week. This is for all of my food service people out there! The words are salary um which is the money that you make for your job and celery the vegetable.

So let’s take a look. It’s kind of a quick easy lesson today.

Let’s start with the ending of these words uh- ree. Two syllables that schwa syllable the short uh sound super soft, super short, super low in pitch here. Just a super fast quick syllable for the middle of the word uh uh uh. Then we’re going to move to the ree to end this. You have a couple choices for your r and have the tip of your tongue down low in your mouth back of the tongue pulled up or you can have the tip of the tongue flipped back. Whichever works for you just do not touch your teeth and do not let your tongue trill for that r sound. And then smile for that long e at the end of the word.

Let’s put that all together uh ree uh ree uh ree.

Both of these words are going to start with the s sound. Tip of the tongue is behind the top front teeth or slightly pointed down, air is going to continue to move out of the mouth.

Now let’s look at these vowels. This is the difference here. This is the confusing part for so many of my students. All right let’s start with that AH AH AL AL

To do this, what you’re going to do, is your mouth is going to be nice and wide open S AL

You are going to have the tip of your tongue move from back here for the s down to the bottom of your mouth for the ah and then back up to behind the top front teeth and it’s going to touch for that l sound.
sal sal sal
salary salary salary

For cel, your mouth is going to stay a little bit more in the same spot it’s not going to open as much and your tongue doesn’t have to move his mouth as much. Your tongue for the eh sound is just between your top and your bottom teeth when you open your mouth slightly eh eh eh and it’s relatively flat in your mouth. So we’re going to have just a slight movement
cel cel cel
celery celery celery

So we have s al uh ree and cel uh ree
salary salary salary
celery celery celery
salary celery

And now for a sentence:
Celery is cheap and doesn’t deplete your salary.

Give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference.If you found this helpful we’d love it if you share this with your friends and if you need more help check out our products and classes at Tarle speech.

Thanks everyone have an amazing weekend!