Learn how to pronounce the words PROGRESS & PROGRESS with this American English heteronym pronunciation lesson. Heteronyms are words that are spelled exactly the same. They just have a different pronunciation and a different meaning.





-forward or onward movement toward a destination or goal

-to move forward or onward in space or time


Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your heteronym lesson. Our heteronyms today are:
-progress which means forward movement and
-progress which is the verb meaning to move forward

Heteronyms are spelled exactly the same way, but they do have different meanings and different pronunciations.

Let’s look at our words. So to say these words correctly, let’s start with syllable two, the gress. To do this, tip of your tongue is going to be low in the mouth, back of the tongue is going to be pulled way high up for that g. Keep your tongue there if you make your r with the tip of your tongue low. Or you can flip the tip of your tongue back for the r whichever you prefer. Just don’t touch your teeth. Then we’re going to move to that short oh sound. Your mouth is relaxed, slightly open, and the tip of the tongue is peeking out between the top and the bottom teeth. And then we’re going to end with that s. You’re going to keep your tongue in about the same spot or you can point the tip of your tongue down for that s. Just keep that air going. gress gress gress

Okay, now let’s move on to the beginning of the word. So we know how to say gress the end grass. Now for the beginning, we’re going to start with the pr for both of these. My tip is get your lips together for that P and they will be together and make sure you’re ready for the R. I make my r with the tip of my tongue down back of my tongue pulled high up. You can flip the tip of your tongue back as long as you don’t touch your teeth. So get ready for that r as your lips are closed for the p per per

Now for the noun, we’re going to say the oh sound wide open oval mouth tip of the tongue down back of the tongue pulled high up pra

progress progress progress progress

Stressing syllable number one which is a general rule with heteronyms. If the words are spelled the same, one’s a noun, one’s a verb, stress syllable one in the noun, syllable two in the verb.

Since syllable number two is stressed in the verb we also know a general rule is other vowels in the unstressables may become a schwa. And we have that situation here so for the verb. We’re going to say pra with the schwa sound pra.

Just relaxed mouth for that uh Pro grass progress progress progress

So again we have:
progress progress progress progress

And I do have a little note down here I do hear people say progress and progress

So those are just different variations and my general rule is as long as people understand you you don’t have to say it like everyone else just be clear and effective in your communication.

Let’s give those a try one more time:

progress progress progress progress progress progress

And now for a sentence:

I hope that you make a lot of progress as you progress through your Learning Journey.

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