Learn how to pronounce the words POLE & POLL with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.

These words are homophones and are pronounced exactly the same way: P-long O-L or /poʊl/

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POLE a rod or either end of a location.

POLL a record of a vote.


The neighborhood poll asked everyone to vote on the color for the play pole.


Hey everyone it’s jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday. These are homophones – they are pronounced exactly the same way, they just have different meanings and different spellings.

So our words today are pole and that is a rod or either end of locations like the north and the south pole and then poll a record of a vote.

So to say these words correctly we’re going to start with that p sound – put your lips together and let them open up, air puffs out.

Next we’re going to move to that long o sound – to do that your mouth is going to open in a wide oval shape, tip of your tongue is low, back of the tongue is pulled up. o; and then we’re going to move to a pucker. As you pucker your tongue is going to move along as you close your mouth and it’ll end in the middle of your mouth. There it’s not touching the teeth.

Then we’re going to end with an l and to do this you’re going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth.

poll poll poll

I am going to give you one little extra tip here some of my students really have trouble with l at the end of the word, especially when an o sound is right before it, this is oftentimes because the lips remained puckered – you do not want to have puckered lips for that l sound it’s oolll not it’s llll

You can see my lips are pulled back a bit so again to do that it’ll be ol

poll poll poll

And now for a sentence: The neighborhood poll asked everyone to vote on the color for the flagpoles.

Give it a try i know people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful please share us with your friends and give us a like thanks everyone have a great week!