Learn how to pronounce PLAY, PLACE, PLAYS, PLACEBO in this American English Pronunciation Lesson.

The words are pronounced /pleɪ, pleɪs, pleɪz, plə-si-boʊ/.

Place a location.

Play is a performances or kids having fun.

Placebo a medicine with no physical but with psychological benefits.

Sentence:  The children play outside in the place where the actors do a lot of plays.

These words are pronounced with the following sounds and rhyme with:

PLACE is pl-long A-S or /pleɪs/; case, face, lace, pace.

PLAY is pl-long A or /pleɪ/; bay, say, tray.

PLAYS is pl-long A-Z or /pleɪz/; bays, maize, maze, prays

PLACEBO is pronounced with these sounds: pl-uh-s-long E-b-long o or /plə-si-boʊ/. Looking at the syllables it is pluh-see-bo with three syllables or beats.

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