Learn how to pronounce the words PIER & PEER with this American English Pronunciation Lesson. These words are homophones and are pronounced exactly the same way.

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A pier is a dock.

To peer means to look.


These words are pronounced P-EAR or /pɪr/.


I love to peer at the ships from the end of the pier.

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Hi everyone it is Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday! Two for Tuesday are homophones. These are words that are pronounced exactly the same way. The words are pronounced the same. The meanings and the spellings are different.

So our words today are:
pier a dock and
peer to look

I’m going to start off by saying I have another video for pair pear and pare. These words are pronounced with the air vowel. PAIR.

These R vowels get very confusing because of spelling. So again today we’re talking about pier and peer and to say these words correctly we’re going to start with the p sound. P. Put your lips together and open them up air puffs out.

Then we’re going to move to that ear vowel. To do this smile. Tongue is nice and high and then you’re going to move to that er by either popping the tongue down or flipping it back and the back of your tongue stays high up. End with square tense lips: ear.

And now for a sentence:
I love to peer at the ships from the end of the pier.

Give it a try people are going to notice the difference.

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All the best everyone! Have a great week!