Learn how to pronounce the words ORDINARY, ORDINARILY, EXTRAORDINARY, EXTRAORDINARILY with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.


Ordinary means basic

Ordinarily means usually

Extraordinary or extraordinarily means extra special or unusual


Ordinary is pronounced with four syllables: or-duh-nair-ee

Ordinarily is pronounced with five syllables: or-duh-nair-uh-lee

Extraordinary is pronounced with five syllables: ek-stror-din-air-ee

Extraordinarily is pronounced with six syllables: ek-stror-din-air-uh-lee

/ɔrdənɛri, ɔrdənɛrəli,ɛkˌstrɔrdənɛri, ɛkstrɔrdənɛrəli/


The student comment ordinary was easy but pronouncing ordinarily, extraordinary, and extraordinarily took some practice.


Hello everyone it is Jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week. Our question of today is how do I say the word ordinary which is basic , and ordinarily which is usually, and extraordinary or extraordinarily which means extra special or very unusual.

So let’s take a look at our words lots of syllables um the big idea with the lesson today is that we are going to think about as words get longer our vowel sounds have to get shorter and quicker. So again as words get longer our vowel sounds get shorter and quicker and we are more likely to have a schwa sound that uh sound in a word in longer words.

So let’s look at word number one ordinary.

or duh nair ee or duh nair ee ordinary ordinary ordinary

So we have four beats in ordinary.

Now we are going to add an extra beat when we add that lee suffix and so you can see we’re actually going to have one more schwa sound in that word because we have to add another beat to that word so we have to make some of the vowels shorter.

So we have or da nair uh lee or da nair uh lee

ordinarily ordinarily ordinarily s

So let’s listen to those first two words

ordinary ordinarily
ordinary ordinarily

So that second word sounds a little bit faster and that’s because we have some shorter beats especially that schwa syllable .

Now when we have extraordinary we’re going to change how we say that word a little bit we’re going to start with that ek stror din air e extraor dinairee

extraordinary extraordinary extraordinary

Right so we have five syllables there.

We’re going to add another syllable and we’re going to have six syllables and the last word extraordinarily. So we’re going to have another schwa in there
eks tro din air uh lee
eks tro din air uh lee

extraordinarily extraordinarily

So we have for this last word extraordinarily eks tro din air uh lee

extraordinaire uh-li

extraordinarily extraordinarily extraordinarily

Let’s listen to those last two words
extraordinary extraordinarily
extraordinary extraordinarily

And let’s listen to them all and how those beats get faster as the word gets longer

ordinary ordinarily extraordinary extraordinarily
ordinary ordinarily extraordinary extraordinarily

And now for a sentence
The student commented ordinary was easy but pronouncing ordinarily, extraordinary, and extraordinarily took some practice.

So take some time for some practice and give it a try people will notice the difference if you found this helpful we’d love a like a share and a subscribe don’t forget to check out our products on google play and iTunes and our class options at Tarle speed thanks everyone!