Learn how to Pronounce OME as long o or short u. The words HOME, GNOME, CHROME, DOME, CHROMOSOME are pronounced with a long o. The words COME, SOME, INCOME, TROUBLESOME, BECOME are pronounced with the short u.


HOME: /hoʊm/

GNOME: /noʊm/

CHROME: /kroʊm/

DOME: /doʊm/

COME: /kʌm/

SOME: /sʌm/


Hi everyone! Jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week.

I have a question today about the spelling o m e. How do we say this this can get a little confusing. Spelling rules would tell us that when you have the e at the end of a word the vowel before it is going to be long and the e will be silent. So if we’re following that rule, which works most of the time, we would have home gnome chrome and dome. So how do we say this? We’re going to say o. O O. Open your mouth, move to a pucker, and then close your lips for that m. OME. OME. OME.

My tongue is moving from low in the mouth to flat in the middle of the mouth. OME OME.

We have some exceptions here in some very common words. In come and some, we’re going to say the short uh and then the m. um um um. To say that short uh mouth is relaxed tongue is just in the middle of your mouth-nice and short. And then close your mouth for the m. Air moves out of your nose. come some

So we have home gnome chrome and dome come and some.

So most of the time when a word ends with come or some we are going to say it the same way. So we will have become, income, and troublesome. We do have exception here we have chromosome. You are going to say the long OME and end with the m here even though if we followed this rule to the letter we would think that we would say chromosome and we don’t. Um also another exception is we’re going to say a k for this ch here. So chrome a some chromosome chromosome

So let’s give those all a try:
home gnome chrome dome chromosome
and then
come some become income troublesome

So give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful we’d love a like a share and a subscribe. If you are looking for more help check us out at Tarle speech dot com. Thanks everyone have an amazing weekend!