Learn how to pronounce the word mistletoe with this Christmas American English Pronunciation Lesson.


Mistletoe is a plant that grow on a tree. You hang it over the door at Christmas. If you catch someone standing underneath the mistletoe, you must give them a kiss.


It is pronounced mis-ul-to or /mɪsəltoʊ/.


Do not wrestle your brother on the living room floor. This is not a wrestling ring and you are not a wrestler.


Hi everyone it is Jennifer from Tarle speech with a Christmas week pronunciation lesson. And I have a guest with me today, my elf, sassy boo, and drum roll please – it’s Claire! Everyone’s been asking to see her. How old are you now Claire 8.

Okay so Claire planned this video today and the video is on the word mistletoe. So the word is mistletoe. Mistletoe is a plant that grows on a tree. And it’s traditional to hang it over your door and then when it is hung over the door if you catch someone standing under it you have to give them a kiss. yes. So to say mistletoe correctly Claire can you please hold my board thank you very much. To say mistletoe correctly we have three beats: miss ul toe miss ul toe

So for the first syllable miss you’re going to start with closed lips for that m. Move to that short i sound with relaxed open mouth. You’re just going to see your tongue peeking out there. Everything is relaxed. And then move to the sss keep that air moving. Tongue does not touch your teeth. Tip of the tongue is down or flipped back. Miss

Next we’re going to move to syllable number two ul. To do this you’re just going to move your tongue up to touch the back of your top front teeth. ul ul ul

And then you end with toe. Start by touching the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for that t and then end with the o. To do that open mouth and it moves to a pucker. Toe

Let’s put it all together miss ul toe.

mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe
And now Claire’s turn give me three times mistletoe mistletoe mistletoe

I hope that someone that you love is standing under the mistletoe so that you can give them a smooch. And Claire would also like to introduce her reindeer and what is your reindeer’s name is mistletoe. Say it again mistletoe show us mistletoe.

Okay this is mistletoe and sassy boo our elf who’s up there on the tree brought mistletoe for us so merry Christmas and we will see you again soon bye!