Learn how to pronounce the words MAZE & MAIZE with this American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson. These words are homophones and are pronounced exactly the same way.


Definitions: MAIZE is corn, a yellow color, or a grass.

MAZE is a confusing network of passages.


These words are pronounced MAZ or /meɪz/.


Please had me the maize colored book so I can finish my maze.

This may be helpful:

HOMOPHONES – words spelled differently but pronounced the same 


Hey y’all!

Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation your two for Tuesday homophone lesson.

Two words, two different spellings, two different meanings, pronounced exactly the same way- only one way!

Our words today, this is a request, these are not super common words.

We have maize which is corn, a yellow color, um or, a grass and

maze, which is the more common word, a confusing network of passages

Let’s look at our words.  All right, so to say these words correctly, we’re going to start with that m sound. Lips together, air moves out of your nose.

Then we’re going to move to that long a sound, and to say that long a sound, open your mouth in a wide circle, tip of the tongue is down, back of the tongue is pulled high up. Then move to a smile and your tongue will move to high and flat in your mouth.  a a a

Then we’re going to end with that z: z. To do this, the tip of your tongue is behind your top front teeth.  The tip can be either pointing down or just behind your top teeth.  The key is do not touch your teeth. Your voice box is on and moving.

Someone asked recently, um, should my whole mouth be vibrating?  And my mouth is vibrating when I say the sound. So that is okay let’s put this all together:

maize maze maze maze maze maze

And now for a sentence:

Please hand me the maize colored book so I can finish my maze.

Give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference.  If you found this helpful please give us a like and a share. And,  If you need more help, check out our products and our classes at Tarle Speech.  Thank you so much everyone.  Have an amazing week!