Learn how to pronounce the words JAY & the Letter J with this American English Homophone pronunciation lesson. These words are pronounce the SAME way but have different meanings and different spellings.


JAY: a bird or a person who chatters or talks a lot J: the letter


These words are pronounced the SAME way: /ʤeɪ / or j-long a

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Two for Tuesday✌️Learn English HOMOPHONE Pronunciation


Hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday homophone lesson. Homophones are words that are pronounced exactly the same way, exactly the same way, they just have different meanings and different spellings.

We’re continuing with our mini series on how to pronounce letters in the alphabet. And our words today are:
J the letter and my first initial and
Jay a bird or a person who chatters

And fun fact my nickname – A lot of my family calls me J.

So to say these words correctly two little sounds. We’re going to start with that J sound j. To do this you’re going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth – very specifically where your teeth meet the skin on the roof of your mouth. And then you’re going to pull the tongue back into the middle of the mouth – j j j

You can see my lips are slightly rounded. Then we’re going to open wide. Tip of the tongue will be low. Back of the tongue will be pulled high up for that a. End by smiling. Let’s put it all together:

J a
jay J jay j jay j

And now for a sentence:

My family never imagined I would talk like a Jay when they gave me the nickname J.

So give it a try, people are going to notice the difference.

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