Learn how to pronounce the words house and how’s with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.


A HOUSE is a dwelling.

HOW’S is a contraction that means how is or how was.


A HOUSE is h-ow-s or /haʊs/

HOW’S is h-ow-z or /haʊz/


How’s your new house?

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Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week.

Today’s question is how do we say the word house a dwelling and house which is the contraction for how is.

Okay! So the beginning of these words are going to be pronounced exactly the same. So let’s start with that. We’re going to start with the h sound h. Just open relaxed mouth, air puffs out.

Next we’re going to move to the ow and to do this you’re going to open wide and then move to a pucker. ow As you do that with your mouth wide open your tongue tip will be really low and the back will be pulled up; and then your tongue will move to the middle of your mouth and will be flat when you pucker.

Then here’s the big difference! For the s you are going to put the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth do not touch your teeth air is going to continue to move out of your mouth and your voice box is off. It is not moving house house house.

Now for how’s your tongue tip is going to be in the same spot behind the top front teeth it can also be pointed down to the bottom of the mouth it is not touching. The difference here is that for the z your voice box is on and vibrating and moving.
How’s How’s How’s

Let’s listen to both of those.

house house house
how’s how’s how’s
house how’s

And now for a sentence:
How’s your new house?

So give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful we would love it if you shared this with your friends. If you’re looking for more help you can check out our products and all of our classes at Tarle speech.

Thanks everyone have a great weekend!