Learn how to pronounce the words DELIBERATE & DELIBERATE with this American English heteronym pronunciation lesson. Heteronyms are words that are spelled exactly the same. They just have a different pronunciation and a different meaning.


/dɪˈlɪbərət & dɪˈlɪbrət/ /dɪˈlɪbəˌreɪt/


To do something intentionally

To consider carefully


Hi everyone it’s Jennifer from Tarle speech with your heteronym lesson. Heteronyms are words that are spelled the same, with different meanings, and pronunciations.

I’m going to talk more about options today and word stress because these words are a little confusing.

So we have deliberate which is an adjective meaning to do something intentionally.

And deliberate which is a verb meaning to consider carefully.

So you can see I have a lot of writing on the board today. I think this is a little bit confusing but people have been commenting that they love options. It helps not just their pronunciation but with their listening. So here are your options for today. Big picture is we are going to be talking more about word syllable stress. So in changing the stress, we’re going to change the meaning of the word. So to say the adjective deliberate, you have two choices. I actually say three syllables da lib rit. But you can say four syllables deliberate deliberate.

The key here is we are going to stress the lib syllable number two. So again let’s try that four syllable option.

deliberate deliberate deliberate

or you have the three syllable option, again we’re still stressing syllable number two.
deliberate deliberate deliberate

And now for the verb I’m going to teach this with a different break in the syllables. When I say them quickly they sound almost exactly the same. In fact I would say they sound the same when I say them quickly, so this is more for those of you who are struggling with the pronunciation a little bit. You can pick whichever one is easier. So you can say da lib a rate or da lib er ate. Okay so it just depends on where you want to put that R. So when you say it quickly you are going to stress syllable two and syllable four.

deliberate deliberate deliberate

So we have deliberate deliberate
deliberate and deliberate
deliberate deliberate
Forgot that four syllable option – delib er it deliberate deliberate or deliberate and deliberate deliberate deliberate

Okay that was tough like oh and I forgot a sentence:

The jury made a deliberate attempt to deliberate.

So give it a try people are going to notice the difference!

Thanks so much everyone have a great week!