Learn how to pronounce the words DANCE & DENSE with this quick English Speaking Pronunciation lesson.

These words are pronounced:

Dense: /dɛns/ and rhymes with fence, hence, pence, tense

Dance: /dæns/ and rhymes with lance


DANCE to move to music

DENSE a compacted substance


The dance crowd wanted to dance all night.


Hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question.
We have two words today:
dense which means a compacted substance and
dance which means to move to music.
So to say these words correctly both words start with the d sound. D
To say this sound you’re going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth, voice box is on and moving, air puffs out.
We’re going to end with the same two sounds the n – tip of the tongue is behind the back of the top front teeth, air is moving out of your nose, then you’re going to move your tongue from the back of your top front teeth, pull it away from the teeth, that is not touching, it’s either behind the top front teeth, or pointed down, and the air is going to move out of the nose, out of the mouth, excuse me for the s sound

So we have ns ns ns

The difference that we’re going to be going for here is more with the vowel sounds today. How do we say the difference between a short e a and a short a a?
For the short e open your mouth slightly and you should be able to see the tip of your tongue between your top and your bottom teeth, that is the position – the tip of your tongue right between your top and your bottom teeth, mouth slightly open, just so you can see your tongue and your lips are relaxed, you do not want to pull your lips back too much because if you pull them back and make them too tense that will close your mouth and it might sound more like an e or an ih sound.
So it might sound like that long e or that short i by accident if your lips are too tense.

For the short ah you’re going to open your mouth even wider, and the tip of your tongue is going to be low in your mouth, and the back of your tongue is going to be pulled up towards the root roof of your mouth.

So we have eh ah eh ah eh ah

So again my hand is my tongue so this is the eh sound just between my teeth; and then the ah my tongue pops way down and comes way up in the back.

So let’s put those words together dense dense dense dance dance dance dense dance dense dance
And now for a sentence: The dense crowd wanted to dance all night.
So give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful we’d love a share with your friends and give us a like check out our products on google play and itunes and our class options at Tarle speech. Thanks everyone!