Learn how to pronounce the words COMPACT & COMPACT with this American English heteronym pronunciation lesson. Heteronyms are words that are spelled exactly the same. They just have a different pronunciation and a different meaning.


/ˈkɒmpækt /

/kəmˈpækt /


-a small flat case containing face powder, a mirror, and a powder puff

-closely and neatly packed together; dense




Hi everyone! Jennifer from Tarle speech with your heteronym lesson. Two words spelled the same, different meanings, different pronunciations

Our words today are
compact which is a noun and that means small, it can also mean make up, a makeup case typically that we have powder in or neatly packed together and then we have

Compact and that means to force together as the verb

So our rule here is we’re going to stress syllable number one in the noun and syllable number two and the verb. And that’s a general rule of thumb.

So let’s start with syllable two because it’s the same in both words. So to say pact we’re going to start with that P. Open your lips, move to the ah, wide open round shaped mouth, tip of the tongue is down, back of the tongue is pulled way high up. Then we’re going to move to that k. Tongues in about the same spot. Tip of the tongue down, back of the tongue pulled high up, just air puffs out.

Then move the tongue to the back of the top front teeth where the teeth meet the skin on the roof of the mouth for the t.

packed packed packed

Now for syllable number one in com pack, we’re going to stress the com. We’re going to start with that K, you know how to do that, tip of the tongue down, back of the tongue is pulled high up. Keep the mouth open. Open it even wider for that oh sound. Oval shaped mouth. Again tip of the tongue low, back of the tongue is pulled high up, and then close the lips for the M. As you do that air moves out of your nose com.

com com compact compact compact compact

Now for compact the verb we’re going to un-stress syllable one and to un-stress something we need to make it shorter, to make it shorter, we’re going to use that schwa, the uh sound.

cum cum cum

So we have Compact
compact compact compact
compact compact compact
compact compact compact
compact compact compact

And now for a sentence:
We need to compact our clothes into smaller boxes to live in this compact apartment.

So give it a try, I know people are going to notice the difference, if you found this helpful, please share us with your friends, and give us a like, and you can check out our link tree for all of our information.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you again next week!