Learn how to pronounce the words CELLAR and SELLER with this quick English Speaking Pronunciation lesson.

These words are homophones and are pronounced the same way: /sɛlər/

SELLER is a person who sells things

CELLAR is a basement

Sentence: The seller keeps all of his merchandise in his cellar.

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Hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your two for Tuesday!

We have homophones – two words that are spelled differently, have different meanings, but are pronounced exactly the same.

Our words today are cellar or a basement and seller a person who sells something.

So let’s take a look at these words we have cellar and seller.

So to say these words correctly we are going to focus on two syllables cell and then ler.

I’m going to give you a tip on how to make this a little bit easier um so you sound a little clearer.

So we’re going to start with the s sound to say this sound the tip of your tongue is not touching your teeth. It can be either right behind your top teeth or pointed down a little bit either is fine as long as the sound is there and the air is going to move out of your mouth. sssss

Next we’re going to move to that short eh sound your mouth is open. You are just going to see the tip of your tongue poking out between the top and the bottom teeth. It’s not poking out it’s actually just between the teeth but you can see it there.

Now here’s the key – we are going to move to the l sound to do this tip of the tongue moves up and it’s going to touch the back of the top front teeth LLLL and it can touch right between your teeth and the roof of your mouth. That is fine. If you need to get super specific. Now you are going to keep your tongue there. sell – so keep it there – now you are going to then move from that spot almost like you’re saying another l for the second part of the word and then pull your tongue down to move to that er sound.

Now you have two options for the er the tip of your tongue can be either pointed down or it could be flipped back.

The key here is the back of the tongue is pulled up way high and is tense in the back of the mouth. So let’s try this cell and now keep your tongue there and then we’re going to move it to the ler


seller seller seller seller seller seller seller seller seller

And now for a sentence: the seller keeps all of his merchandise in his cellar.

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