Learn how to pronounce the words DOVE & DOVE with this American English Homophone pronunciation lesson. These words are pronounced differently, but are spelled the same way.


Noun: /doʊv/

Verb: /dʌv/


Noun: a bird

Verb: to jump off


Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your Friday heteronym lesson. Heteronyms are words that are pronounced differently but they have the same spelling.

Our words today are a request and it is dove a bird and Dove to jump off. So this is the noun Dove, the bird, and this is dove the verb.

So to say these words correctly we’re going to start and end with the same sound. We’re going to start with that D sound D. Touch the tip of the tongue to the spot where the teeth meet the skin on the roof of your mouth. Air Puffs out. Voice box is on and moving.

We’re going to end with the V. To make this sound your teeth are gently touching the inside or the outside of your bottom lip. Air is moving out of your mouth and your voice box is on and moving.

For dove we’re going to use that short uh sound. To do that relaxed mouth, relaxed tongue, and the air just Puffs out. uh

For dove you are going to open wide and then move to a pucker oh. When you do that oh, you can see the tip of my tongue is low and then it ends flat in the middle of the mouth.

Let’s put those all together

dove Dove Dove
Dove Dove dove
Dove Dove dove
Dove Dove Dove
dove Dove

And now for a sentence:
The dove dove into the bird bath.

You give it a try people are going to notice the difference. Please share this with your friends, give us a like, leave us a comment, all the good things, and if you need help check us out at tarle speech.

Thanks everyone have a great weekend!