Learn how to pronounce the words BITE, BYTE, and BIGHT with this American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson. These words are homophones and are pronounced exactly the same way.


BITE – to cut with the teeth like when eating.

BYTE – a unit of memory size or a group of digits operated as a unit

BIGHT – a curve in a coast line or a curved part in a knot


These words are pronounced exactly the same way!



The work crews took a cruise.

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Two for Tuesday✌️Learn English HOMOPHONE Pronunciation


Hi everyone! Jennifer from Tarle speech with Your two for Tuesday homophone lesson. Homophones are words that are pronounced exactly the same. They just have different spellings and different meanings. Three words today. We have:
bite which means to cut with the teeth like when you’re eating
byte a unit of memory size or a group of digits operated um as a unit and
bight this spelling here b-i-g-h-t which I did not know is a curve in a coastline or a curved part in a knot

So interesting! I learned something new today!

So to say these words correctly, three little sounds. Start with the B. Put the lips together. Open them up. Air Puffs out. Voice box is on and moving.

Move to the i and to do this open the mouth wide. Tip of the tongue is low. Back of the tongue is pulled up. As you close your mouth to a smile your tongue will flatten out and end up high in the mouth. I

Ad then end with a t. Do that by touching the tip of the tongue to the spot where the teeth meet the skin on the roof of the mouth.

Let’s put it all together:

bite bite bite

And now for a sentence or a little bit of a story because I couldn’t think of one sentence.

A vampire walked into a store and asked the clerk for a bite. But instead, he got a kilobyte and a knot bite not a neck bite.

So give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful please share this with your friends and give us a like. If you need help you can check us out at Tarle speech or handy dandy link tree which is below.

Have a great week everyone! Take care!