How to Pronounce Bin, BEEN, BEAN – American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson.

The words BIN and BEEN are pronounced the same way:  B-short i-n or /bɪn/

BEAN is pronounced differently: b-long e-n or /bin/

BIN is a storage container

BEEN is the past participle of to be

BEAN is a food

Sentence: I’ve been to the bin to buy some beans.

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Hey everyone! Jennifer from Tarle speech with your Two for Tuesday!

These are homophones. These words have different spellings different meanings but they are pronounced exactly the same way. And today is a two for two Tuesday with a bonus word thrown in so stay tuned .

All right so our words today are bin and been.

So a bin is a storage container and been is the past participle of to be.

I am teaching the American version of been which is pronounced exactly the same way as the word bin. So to say these two words correctly we’re going to start with a b put your lips together and open them up and the air puffs out. Next we’re going to move to that short i. You can see my mouth is not tensed. My lips are relaxed and in doing that my mouth is just slightly open.

My tongue is high in my mouth. It’s behind the top front teeth and it’s just relaxed and it is flat.

If you confuse this vowel with the long e all you need to do is smile for that e in e and then relax your lips.

You can see when I relax my lips my tongue just pops down a tiny bit and then I’m able to say that short i and with the end n sound nnn. To do this you touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth air moves out of your nose.

So again these two words pronounce the same in American English bin and been.

Now here’s your bonus word – bean. And a bean is a small food and we would say b eeee n

with that long e.

So we say bin differently than bean.

And yes this word gets a little bit confusing for our uh American English learners because we have the two vowels together which typically we pronounce as a long vowel.

But in this case we do the short i instead. So again we have bin been and bean bin been been bean bean bean.

And now for your sentence: I’ve been to the bin to buy some beans.

Give it a try people are going to notice the difference! If you found this helpful we’d love a like a share and a subscribe. If you need more help we have products on google play and class options at Tarle speech thanks everyone have a great week!