Learn how to pronounce the words ALTHOUGH with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.


Although means in spite of and is pronounced /ɔl ðoʊ/ or all-though.


Although this is a very tricky, I know you will get it with a little bit of practice.


Hey everyone jennifer from Tarle speech with a very quick question of the week. The question is how do I pronounce the word although that means in spite of. Okay so we have lots of letters spelling this word but very few sounds and I’m going to give you a few tips so this might help you say this word a little easier. We’re going to start with the all this is like the word a-l-l that you probably say all the time, and that you can say typically. When we say the word all you open the mouth and a wide oval tip of the tongue is down back of the tongue is pulled up then you move the tongue tip to behind the back of the top front teeth: all. Okay here’s the trick: you can also make an l by sticking your tongue out of your mouth and touching your teeth. I know it sounds crazy but i’m going to show you.


So again i’m sticking my tongue out for that L – that is an option. Most people don’t say an L that way but you can and we’re going to do it here for this word. The next sound is that th sound where your tongue is out of your mouth and air is going to move over your tongue so you kind of have to make your tongue into like a u shape.


You can kind of see that u shape that I have that allows the air to move out, over the top of the tongue, out of the mouth. Your voice box is on and vibrating and moving.

So you can see when I stick my tongue out for the L I only have to move it down away from my teeth for that th.

Then we’re going to end with that long o. Pucker those lips and make it nice and long. Let’s try that all together:

all though
all though although although although although although although
Although this is very tricky I know you will all get it with a little bit of practice.

So give it a try people will definitely notice the difference or if you need more help we have products on google play iTunes and classes at Tarle speech thanks everyone have the best weekend!