Learn how to pronounce RUDOLPH, Santa’s lead reindeer, in this American English Christmas Pronunciation Lesson.

Rudolph is pronounced: /rudɔlf/

Improve your accent and speak clearly with this ESL English pronunciation lesson. Jennifer Tarle from Tarle Speech and Language guides you through a quick pronunciation lesson with quick tips to have you sounding clearer in no time. Learn how to pronounce English words correctly to reduce your accent, gain confidence, and speak clearly today!


hello everyone and i have another christmas lesson for you today and i have my lovely assistant what’s your name claire

she is back our word today is a suggestion from claire and it is how to pronounce the word rudolph who is the um the leader of the reindeer

he’s the leader of the reindeer sometimes called the red-nosed reindeer

to say the word rudolph correctly we are going to start with the r sound and to do that square tense lips don’t pucker and don’t have them too relaxed tip of the tongue is either pointed down or flipped back and then we are going to have the back of the tongue pulled up

then we’re going to move to the long ew and you’re going to do this by puckering

next touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for the d sound d let me hear you d

and then open your mouth in a wide oval for the oh sound tip of the tongue is low back of the tongue is pulled up

and then you are going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth or that l lll

and then move to the the ffff the f sound do this by gently biting the inside or the outside of your bottom lip and keep the air moving out

let’s put that all together rue dolph rudolph rudolph rudolph rudolph

and now for a sentence i hope you see rudolph before christmas

and what’s the next thing give it a try and give it a try you might notice the difference people might notice the difference

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yes ma’am what do you have to say and this is rudolph and he has a little coat just made for him let me put it on okay we’re gonna take a look and then tell everyone merry christmas

all right so one more time tell them how to say rudolph rudolph and give us a sentence one more time

another one

yes a different one sure rudolph with your nose so bright won’t you glide my guard something why don’t you guide my sleigh tonight so merry christmas everyone

goodbye merry christmas