Learn how to pronounce WRAPPED, RAPPED, RAPT.

These words are homophones and are pronounced exactly the same way.

Pronunciation of these words is R-short a-P-T or /ræpt/.

These words rhyme with capped, lapped, sapped, tapped, zapped.

WRAPPED means to enclose.

RAPT means fascinated.

RAPPED means to tap.

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Hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your Christmas series today we have some homophones. Our words are wrapped to enclose rapt meaning fascinated and rapped to tap let’s take a look at our words all three of these words are pronounced exactly the same way

yes only four sounds in all of these words

so to say wrapped rapt and rapped correctly we’re going to start with that r sound er to say the r sound the tip of your tongue is either pointed down or flipped back it does not touch your front teeth the back of your tongue is pulled up high in your mouth your lips if you’re struggling with the sound should be in a square tense shape if they’re too puckered or too relaxed you’re not going to get the correct sound

next move to that short ah and to do that open your mouth in a wide circle this will help you to get your tongue super low in the front with the tongue pointed down and the back pulled up next close your mouth

for the p and just open them for that air to puff out

and then touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for that tee let’s put it all together Wrapped, Rapt, rapped, Wrapped, Rapt, rapped, Wrapped, Rapt, rapped

the young girl had rapt attention when her dad rapped on the window presenting many wrapped gifts

give it a try we’ll notice the difference and i hope that you get all of your wrapped presents that you’re hoping for this year um if you’re looking for more help check out our products on google play itunes and on tarlespeech.com thanks everyone