The “SH” sound causes problems for foreign speakers.
Most often, clients can say the “SH” sound perfectly. They get confused because of the many ways that it can be spelled.

The “SH” sound is ONE sound spelled most commonly with two letters:  SH.  However, it can also be spelled as follows:

  • SH: shower
  • CH: Chicago
  • SS: pressure
  • S: sugar
  • T: ratio

Some common endings are pronounced starting with an “SH”. These are:

  • TION: vacation (vay – cay – shun)
  • TIAL: partial (par – shul)
  • CIAN: physician (fih – zih – shun)
  • SION: pension (pen – shun)
  • CIENT: deficient (de – fih – shunt)