Is your person a girl?  YES

Does your girl have brown hair?  YES

Does your girl wear glasses?  YES

Is your girl Jennifer?  YES!

Did you Guess Who? 


Guess Who – Language Learning Game Recommendation


The board game, Guess Who, is a great game.  In the game, you start by picking a card with a person or an animal on it.   But, be careful, don’t show your opponent!

Take turns asking questions using descriptive words to talk about hair color, eye color, features, etc.  As you gather information, you can eliminate people that do not have certain characteristics.

This game is great to work on adjectives, vocabulary to describe features of people, asking and answering yes/no questions, and using deductive reasoning to solve the mystery and to guess who!

Can you solve the mystery and correctly guess who?

Get this fun, family friendly game to have fun and practice your English tonight.

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