Learn how to pronounce the words OWN, PHONE, STONE, CONE, BONE, LOAN, ZONE with this American English Pronunciation Lesson.


OWN /oʊn/ PHONE /foʊn/ STONE /stoʊn/ CONE /koʊn/ BONE /boʊn/ LOAN /loʊn/ ZONE /zoʊn/

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Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle Speech.

I have a quick follow-up to last week’s lesson.   I was going through my requests and I noticed a pattern here.  Last week we talked about o with an l at the end of a word. And today we’re going to be talking about o with an n at the end of the word, which is almost exactly the same tip that I’m going to give you from last week, which is to make sure your tongue hits the right spot behind your top front teeth and that you hold it there for that n sound. So I guess some of you can just stop watching the video now; but I hope you continue to watch.

All right,  so we have two sounds today O and N.   That’s the n sound where the air will move out of your nose for that sound.  Okay so let’s start with the O.   If you watched last week you know that my mouth moves from open to a pucker for that o sound.  When my mouth moves my tongue tip starts low in my mouth with the back of my tongue pulled up and then it moves to sort of in the middle of my mouth.  The front is going to, the tip, is going to be pointing out the front of my mouth and the back is still pulled up a tiny bit. o o o

Now last week we talked about L this week we are talking about N.  Your tongue is in the same spot.  Your tongue is going to be touching the back of your top front teeth. Very specifically it’s going to be touching where your teeth meet the skin part of the roof of your mouth. The difference here is air is moving out of your nose.  I also suggest that you follow my other tip from last week which is to try to pull your lips back a little bit more into a smiling shape and they should not be as rounded or puckered at the end. That’s going to help you sort of get that difference between those two sounds.

For those of you that it sounds like maybe your n isn’t there or maybe um you’re also struggling with not getting that nice long o in there and then this will help you sort of transition from that o into the n sound. Okay so let’s put those two sounds together O N.

And I just thought about this we’re actually practicing a real word here so i’m going to write this down.  And our word is own.  Now let’s try this combination in some other words:

phone phone phone

stone stone stone

cone cone cone

bone bone bone

loan loan loan and

zone zone zone

One last final tip for all of you out there is don’t be afraid to really move your mouth to really go for those sounds and really exaggerate. What you’re doing often times, that’s the difference, it’s just people are afraid to move their mouth and if you try to move it a little bit more, oftentimes that solves a lot of problems. So one more time through with the words





loan and


So give me a sentence and give it a try people are going to notice the difference. If you found this helpful as always we’d love it if you gave us a like or share this with your friend. If you need help check us out on Tarle speech for all of our class options and products thanks everyone have a great week.