Today’s language learning game recommendation is Educational Insights Raccoon Rumpus Game. The game is one of my all time favorites!  This is also my go to gift for younger kids.

Raccoon Rumpus is designed for 2-4 players.  The game is marketed for ages 3-5 but even older kids love this game.

The object of the game is to dress the raccoon.  To play, set all outfit cards face up on the table.  Each player gets a raccoon in his underwear.  Roll the dice then find an outfit that matches color and item of clothing on the dice.  Roll underwear and ALL the clothes go back into play.

The raccoon’s outfits are all based on various occupations. So, not only can you address colors and clothes, but you can also talk about jobs and equipment used for the occupation pictured.  There is SO much vocabulary to learn and practice.   Kids won’t know that they are practicing but they will be practicing grammar, asking and answering questions, and taking turns.

This makes a great speech therapy game (box is small for transport…yes, this is important to me…LOL), ESL game, family game.  Get yours today!

Currently, the game costs $14.22 on Amazon.