Research: Babies Practice Talking Silently

More research to back up why you should talk to your child. Babies silently practise speaking way before they talk

Read it again!

I always urge parents to repeat.  Especially to re-read favorite stories.  Here is an article to back me up: "Parents urged to repeat stories".

Nurturing and the brain

People know that nurturing leads to well adjusted adults.  Studies have looked at the psychological impact of nurturing.  Now, we know that it aids leaning, too. A  study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that mother’s nurturing leads to changes in the brain.…

Nap time

Summer is here.  That means fun, fun, fun.  Just don’t forget to schedule nap time for your toddler.  A study by the University of Colorado Boulder shows the importance of a daytime nap. Children, who missed a day time nap showed less positive emotional responses, were less likely to demonstrate…

What's the point?

Who's in the know to a preschooler?  The person doing the pointing. New research shows that pointing at items helps children know what is important.

Research: Cut your kids food to improve behavior

This is so interesting and just in time for the holidays- chewing is better that biting when it comes to table behavior. So, cut up your kid's food to get better behavior this Thanksgiving. Maybe that turkey leg is why the kids were so crazy at the Ren Faire.

Twenty five words that every toddler should use

Twenty five words that every toddler should use have been listed by scientists: Mommy Daddy Baby Milk Juice Hello Ball Yes No Dog Cat Nose Eye Banana Biscuit Car Hot Thank you Bath Shoe Hat Book All Gone More Bye bye You can read the article here.