How to say NG

Today's question comes from a website visitor from Russia: "I'd like you to add some examples with some gerunds. I've got some problems with the double "ng": - Singing, hanging, etc. I can't understand whether you (the Americans) pronounce the sound "g" after the first "ng" (I'm sorry that I can't…

How to say words ending in "IA"

When a word ends in the letters "IA" it can be pronounced two ways: Long E-short u (hysteria, malaria, crania) Y-short u (California, Georgia, Pennsylvania)

How to Say the R Sound

There are two ways to say the R sound that is in the words "run", "road", and "rabbit": retro-flexed or retracted. A retro-flexed R is made with the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth pointing towards the throat. A retracted R is made with the tip of the tongue in the bottom of your mouth…

How to say WH

Our question today is from Panama:  "Hello.   The h in the word why is not pronounced?  Thank you." Correct.   WH is considered one sound...W This is the case in the words: WHAT, WHEN, WHY, WHERE, WHICH.

Reading versus pronunciation terms

Today's question comes from YouTube: "I saw your You Tube video on the pronunciation of "dog."  I completely agree with you.  I have a colleague who insists that I am wrong, and claims that it is pronounced with short o.  She cites teacher worksheets and websites like Enchanted Learning.  Do you…

It is HOT out there!

It is HOT, HOT, HOT in Chicago today.  Hope that you are all staying cool. Learn the difference between the pronunciation of HOT and HUT to get your point across.  Watch a video lesson here.

How to spell the long I sound

The long I vowel, [aɪ̯], is typically spelled with the letter I as in I, Friday, minor or with the letter Y as in my, cry, July.  It is also spelled: I:  idea AI:  aisle Y:  by EI:  heist eigh:  height EY:  geyser EYE:  eyebrow IE:  pie IGH:  high UY:  guy YE:  dye

How do you say PER and PRE?

Today's question is from a podcast subscriber:  "Are PER and PRE pronounced the same?" Yes, PER and PRE are different. PER is two sounds:  P, ER PRE is three sounds:  P, R, long E To say PER:  put your lips together for the P, gently round them for the ER while putting your tongue tip in the bottom…

Silent letters in American English

Not every sound is pronounced in English.  These are called silent letters.   A silent letter occurs in the following: RH is pronounced as R in RHYME, RHYTHM GH is pronounced as G in GHOST, GHETTO MB is pronounced as M in LAMB, BOMB WR is pronounced as R in WRITE and WRONG GN is pronounced as N in…

How do you say the number 2?

This question is from a YouTube subscriber:  "How do you pronounce 2?" Excellent question.  I receive a lot of questions about the words: TO, TWO (2) and TOO.  All of these words are all pronounced the same.  They all have 2 sounds: T:  Made by placing your tongue behind your top, front teeth. The…