If I change my accent, will I lose my identity?

If I change my accent, will I lose my identity?  I hear this question a lot.  The short answer is no. My programs focus on clear and effective communication. The way that you speak is unique. Every person speaks in a distinctly different way. My goal is to enhance your communication, not to change…

How do you say: HER and HAIR?

Good question! The R vowels make this tricky. Both of these words have 2 sounds. To say HER: H-ER To say HAIR: H-AIR The ER sound is a static R vowel. The AIR sound is a movement R vowel. AIR is made up of two sounds blended together Long A plus ER.

How do you say: HEAR and HERE?

HEAR and HERE are pronounced the same way. The only difference in these words is the definition. HEAR means to listen. HERE means in this position. Both words have two sounds: H-EAR (movement R vowel is considered one sound.)  Watch a video lesson here.   

How do you say CH in Michigan and Chicago?

This question comes from a Japanese friend:  "How do you say CH in Michigan and Chicago?" The CH in Chicago and Michigan is pronounced as an SH sound. To make an SH sound, be sure that your tongue is in the middle of your mouth and that your lips are rounded.  The air keeps moving for the SH……

How do you say LEAD US and LET US?

Another great client question!  “Please tell me, are "lead us" and "let us" distinguishable or just knowing the context of the sentence?” "Lead us" and "let us", are distinguishable. There are two sound differences. The VOWELS in "lead" and "let"; and the CONSONANTS that are D and T. Let’s look at…

What do you think about accents?

Accents are great.  They give us personality, create a sense of community, and help others to understand who we are.  But, if your accent gets in the way of your goals or in the way of clear and effective communication, then it is appropriate to change it.

Difference between SALE and SAIL

SALE and SAIL are pronounced the same way.  These words have three  sounds:  S-long A-L.

How to say LOYAL

Today’s podcast subscriber question is: “Please tell me how to pronounce LOYAL” "Loyal" has 3 sounds: L - OI - L. Start by placing your tongue behind your top teeth for the L. Round your lips for the OI, then pull them back into a slight smile. OI is a movement vowel, so your lips need to move.…

What is an accent?

An accent is a pattern of speaking.   Most people are familiar with foreign English speaker’s accents.  But the truth is we all have an accent.  Our accent varies depending on our geography, peer group, and audience.

Accent shapes our perception of a person

According to a recent study by the psychologists at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, “Accent is much more important than the way a person looks”.  An accent is a way to classify people quickly and to make sense of the world.  This is good in some respects, but may lead to people…