Here is another question from You Tube:

“I have another question…about something called the glottal stop?  For example, Americans pronounce button without pronouncing “ton” but instead a “n” sound from the throat… so it sounds a little like, “bu *stop* n”.  Can you explain that?”

Sure.  A glottal stop is a sound that happens when air is stopped in the throat.  A true glottal stop is in the word Uh Oh! It’s the UH part.

What you are hearing is a final consonant sound glottal stop. We often use this at the end of words on “stop consonant sounds” of d, t, k, g, b or p.

To do this for the T, D: hold your tongue behind your top teeth at the end of a word. Do NOT pull it down, or the air will explode too much.

To do this for the P, B: Close your lips. Do NOT open them again or there will be too much air.

For K, G: Keep your tongue tip in the bottom of your mouth and the back of your tongue near the roof of your mouth.