About Jennifer Tarle

Tarle Speech and Language was founded in 2005 by Jennifer Tarle in order to empower individuals at all stages of life through better communication.

Jennifer is a Certified Speech Pathologist with over 25 years of experience in speech and language related training and pathologies. Jennifer earned a BS degree and an MA degree in Speech Pathology from Kent State University. She holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Jennifer is a self-published author of workbooks and training materials for teachers and students. Find products at KoboTpTiTunesGoogle Play, and TeeSpring.

Communication Improvement Training targeting business communication, non-native English pronunciation, voice, articulation, presentation skills, and overall speaking confidence are taught throughout Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA, and via video conferencing throughout the world. On Demand training is available at Udemy. Jennifer implemented her Tarle Speech pronunciation program at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China and at E4TG in Tokyo, Japan. 

To help even more people, Jennifer launched a video podcast in 2007. It has evolved into a popular YouTube channel. New lessons are posted twice a week. Over 180,000 subscribers enjoy these short, English Pronunciation Lessons each week.

Pronunciation Training Testimonials

Senior Systems Engineer, South Korea

Jennifer is a professional instructor.
She was able to discover my weak parts with initial assessment, and customize the class based on my needs. I had an experience with another instructor. What she set herself apart from others is that she know her stuff in a very organized fashion. You would be able to tell right away that she is very experienced instructor. She has her methodology, and it just works. From a personality perspective, she is very cheering and encouraging, so it helped me to practice more. I would recommend her to anyone.

Accountant, Romania

Jennifer was extremely helpful. The notes she gave me via email or in person were loaded with tips I could immediately use in real life conversations. I recommend Jennifer for anyone with the aim of patching his or her American accent– anyone because she is knowledgeable of accent paths of various regions of the world, which is why she is able to fashion her teaching in function of her clients.
If you want to have the tools to properly pronounce American words and sentences, don’t wait further, snatch at this chance– with Jennifer, or as I called her after our class ended: the best!

Facility Manager, Mexico

Jennifer is a very professional instructor. I feel really comfortable with her. She taught me specific things regarding my pronunciation and my voice in a way I can understand. After taking her courses, I was able to understand the English speakers much better and they were able to understand me in a clearer way.

International Business Manager, Japan

I really like Jennifer’s consultation about my pronunciation. I was able to reinforce individual sounds that was not clear enough, thanks to Jennifer’s advice and her additional materials. Because of the Tarle Pronunciation classes, I:
1) Passed the US Top MBA exam
2) Get more confident speaking in English
3) Became a more skillful English presenter-Won one of the largest startup competition in Japan. (Spoken in English)

C.S. Microsoft Specialist, Japan

Everything Jennifer gave me was feasible and easy to follow. She never bombarded me with linguistic jargon and tricky illustrations of tongues. Jennifer helped me understand my accent, created tailor-made practice plans and gave me constant feedback. Now I am confident that I can change my accent. This confidence is one of the greatest benefits which I gained from her classes. Thanks to her great and personal services!

Executive Secretary, Japan

The Tarle Speech method really opened my eyes. I now can see my wrong pronunciation. This is very practical and useful to my daily English use. The most important thing that I learned with your program is how to maintain and correct the wrong part of my pronunciation. Most schools do not teach the reason why we non-native speakers say words incorrectly or how to fix the problem. Your method for the pronunciation is to first know about a speaker’s internal/external sound mechanism. That is key for people learning English as secondary language. I believe that this breaks through the conventional linguistic way how to pronounce English!

Scientist, Germany

Jennifer is a great teacher & she is patient, encouraging and very positive. The most important skill I gained from this class is to actually know what my pronunciation problems are. Now I’m aware of why I had problems being understood. Once identified, we worked on them together and I can still go back to the extensive material I got from her to keep practicing. I noticed that Iím sensitized to listen more carefully to those around me and actually notice even subtle pronunciation differences.

Nurse, South Korea

After seven weeks, I can listen to NBC news very clearly. It is
amazing to know; the more I can pronounce words correctly, the more I
can hear clearly.

Public Health Researcher, Taiwan

Jennifer is the greatest teacher that I have ever met. She can point out my problems on pronunciation. I like her professional evaluation and teaching which improved my pronunciation and reduced my accent. Her expertise really helped me to practice English. I sincerely recommend her to everyone who wants to improve pronunciation and reduce accents.

Business Woman, Russia

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. You made me aware of the mistakes I made in an easy and friendly manner. You gave me all the tools to make my speech clear and native sounding. You cannot believe the progress I made. It is phenomenal. People rarely
ask me where I am from now, and I feel much more confident when I speak. I really appreciate your class, your teaching style and your enthusiasm! I strongly believe that any non-native speaker who is concerned with his/her accent should take your class. Thank you very much for helping me to be a better, clear speaker.

Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Turkey

The training style and information that I received from Jennifer has been invaluable! I just followed her instructions step by step and improved my accent in matter of weeks. I don’t consider it as the “job done”, but, I definitely have a clear understanding of my common pronunciation mistakes which I never thought of having. Jennifer simplified these mistakes into a couple of bullet points, and left me with an excellent guidance for continuous improvement. I learn something new every time we met, and was surprised with how often I was mispronouncing the very common words I use everyday at my work. I strongly recommend her class to anybody who would like to improve their communication with Americans, and who’d like to sound more professional at work.

Pediatrician, Peru

It is really amazing that after having the classes with Jennifer, people can understand me more clearly and I do not feel embarrassed to speak English freely. Thanks so much Jennifer. I highly recommend to all foreign people to reduce their accent and speak English more clearly.