Today’s language learning game recommendation is 5 Second Rule by PlayMonster.

The game is designed for 3+ players. It is marketed for ages 10 and up.  It is tough for some 10 year olds and in my opinion, it is better for 12 and up.  There is also a kids version for ages 6+ and a Disney version also for ages 6+.

Here is how I play.  Name three items in a category in 5 seconds or less.

The game comes with a timer, that I think is very annoying, but kids love it.  Read the clue, turn over the timer, then the player or team need to name 3 items as fast as they can to beat the clock!

The games for the younger kids,  kids version and Disney version, come with a game board, but I never use it.

The game encourages fast thinking for vocabulary.

This makes a great speech therapy game for various ages, ESL game, or family game.  Get yours today!

Currently, the game costs $19.82 on Amazon.