Learn how to pronounce the homophones JEANS and GENES with this quick English Speaking Pronunciation lesson.

The words are all pronounced J-long E-N-Z or /ʤinz/.

JEANS meaning denim trousers

GENES meaning a unit of heredity or sequence of chromosomes

Sentence: Do you think American’s love of wearing jeans come from our hard working blue collar genes?

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Hi there it’s jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday pronunciation lesson.  Two for Tuesday are two words that are pronounced exactly the same but they have different spellings and different meanings. Our words today are genes – which are a unit of heredity or a sequence of chromosomes and jeans – denim trousers.

So let’s go ahead and take a look.

We have genes and jeans so to say these words correctly we’re going to focus on the four sounds in the word.  We’re going to start with that j sound this gives some people a little bit of trouble so let’s talk about this a little bit.  For the j sound you are going to touch your teeth with your tongue like you’re saying a d sound D D D then you’re going to move your tongue smoothly back towards the back of your mouth away from your teeth.  And the air is going to shift from that d d to moving out of your mouth for the zh sound. So the j sound is actually two sounds put together very quickly the d and then the zh. So to do that quickly JJJ.

Next move to the long e sound by smiling tongue is high and flat in your mouth.

Next touch your teeth the back of your top front teeth for the n sound while the air moves out of your nose nnnn.

And then add a z sound z. To make the z sound the tip of your tongue could be either pointed down or it’s back behind your top front teeth it is not touching your teeth the air is going to continuously move out of your mouth and your voice box is on and vibrating zzz.  Let’s put it all together:


jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans

And now for a sentence:  Do you think Americans love of wearing jeans come from our hard-working blue collar genes?

Give it a try people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful we’d love a like a share and a subscribe check out our products on google play itunes and our classes at tarle speech thanks everyone!