This is a blast from the past for most parents.  Yes, you can still buy Mr. Potato Head.  He also has a wife and kids.  Mr. Potato Head’s brother, really likes Star Wars.  Mr. Potato Head dresses up for Halloween and is a super hero.  In his old age, he has become quite the Renaissance man!

Mr. Potato Head is cheap and fun.  Kids love it.  I have two: a boy and a girl.  When I take them out, kids can’t get enough.

This toy allows you to interact with your little one.  You can work on listening and speaking.  Your child can:

  • name the body parts
  • direct you to put various parts onto the potato
  • follow directions to find parts that are placed around the room
  • wait for a turn
  • take a turn
  • use describing words (blue hat or yellow hat)
  • make choices (boy or girl, lips or teeth)
  • answer questions (What did you put onto Mr. Potato Head?)

You can pick up this toy at most stores.

Have fun!