Your child loves routines because it helps them know what to expect.  Use this love of routines to enhance your child’s communication.

Set up a routine for play or a daily task.  During the routine, talk about what you and your child are doing.  Practice this routine, then mix it up. When you change the routine, your child will let you know his thoughts through words or gestures.

Let’s look at the routine of hand washing.

1.  If you use a phrase over and over, don’t say the last word, then wait to see what your child does.

2.  Forget the soap.

3.  Give the child the towel before you wash hands.

4.  When your hands are dirty, act like you don’t know what to do.

Then wait!  Your child will say or do something.  Of course, they will think you are silly!  It is so much fun to hear what your child says.