Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I found a box of truffles that your child will love.  Don’t worry!  They won’t be climbing the walls from all of the sugar.  They will actually be sitting contentedly, playing for hours.

Learning Resources-Smart Snacks Hide ‘N Peek Chocolates come with 12 pieces of candy that fit into a cute heart box.  The candies come in 6 shapes and 6 colors.  The lids come in dark and light chocolate.  Your child needs to match the shapes of the chocolates to the box then find the correct shape for the top of the candy.   You can use this toy to role play, to match, and to play a memory game.

In therapy sessions, I’ve used this toy to teach manners, to work on asking skills, and to help children expand their sentence length through adjectives.  It’s great for learning shapes, colors, sizes, light versus dark, and locations.

The kids love this and ask for it over and over.  They also hate to see it go “bye bye” when it’s time to move to a new activity or at the end of a session.  My only complaint about this toy is that the lid doesn’t fit well.  It fits when the box is empty and when only the bottoms of the candy are there.  But, if you find the tops, then want to close it, you are out of luck.  In my opinion, this slight flaw shouldn’t deter you from a purchase.  The kids and I give Learning Resources-Smart Snacks Hide ‘N Peek Chocolates two thumbs up!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jennifer  XOXO